Uniting Miami’s
Hospitality Industry

Who is the Miami Hospitality Alliance?

The Miami Hospitality Alliance is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to representing and advocating for hospitality businesses—including bars, restaurants, and nightlife establishments—across the region. Our mission is to bridge the gap between hospitality establishments and all levels of local, state, and federal governments to educate and enact positive change in the industry.

Why An Alliance?

The leisure and hospitality industry is undoubtedly a major contributor to Miami’s economy. having established over 41,000 eating and drinking establishments in Miami, constituting 12% of employment in the state, and bringing in over $50 billion in sales.

Problems Facing Restaurants in Miami

Miami’s hospitality industry is foreseen to be facing major challenges. From the repercussions of current labor shortages to an increase in minimum wage that will soon go into effect, resulting in a massive number of employer violations over the next 3-5  years.

Our Vision, Your Solution

The Alliance facilitates the relationship and communication between the hospitality industry and local, state, and federal governments. We advocate on behalf of business  owners and employees to secure the legislation needed most for the industry to thrive.

From Miami
to New York City

From labor shortages to high food costs, we have seen many of the same issues affecting Miami’s hospitality industry arise in New York as well. However, businesses in New York have had entities like ours advocating for them each step of the way.

Our Members

Members of the Miami Hospitality Alliance will gain access to several valuable benefits:

Access to
guidance and aid
Access to pertinent
information on hospitality
regulations and trends
Invitations to
Access to a
wide range of personalized services that will facilitate running your business.